• Why TPAY


    the operators already have a billing relationship with the consumers; the payment will be added to their bill. There is no need for pre‐registration, making mobile payments the ideal solution for impulse purchases.

    Instantaneous payments

    giving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Most of the payments are completed in less than 1 minute, compare that to standard payment methods!

    Accurate responses

    showing success or reasons for failure. No more fuzzy responses from the payment processor. Consumers will be instantaneously notified about the outcome of the ongoing transaction. In the case of an error, the consumer will be notified of the exact reason for failure. For example: Pin Expired after 30 seconds of inactivity, Insufficient funds on your Phone Bill, etc.

    Reduced customer support costs

    We have provided TPAY consumers with a Self Care tool,
    using this tool, they are able to track down every single purchase with all the specific details, Self Care significantly reduces customer support load while making the whole purchase process more transparent at the same time.

  • For Users


    Just sit down and relax. No pre‐registration, no sign‐up forms and no new mobile software required. All you need is your Mobile Phone. Just enter your phone number on the web form, and we will send the pin code to your mobile. Enter this pin back on the web form to authorize the transaction. You will be charged to your phone bill!


    It's just another payment option during the checkout process. Just click the TPAY "Pay By Mobile" button and you are half way there! Forget about usernames, passwords and annoying sign up forms, just keep your mobile close by!


    Most transactions are completed in less than 1 minute. Compare that to a credit card verification process! Enter your phone number, confirm with the pin, done! You can test the mobile payment process with our demo.






  • Who We Are

    TPAY is an A15 subsidiary, a start up accelerator that owns the laregest portfolio of digital companies in the MENA region since 1996.


    TPAY is the region’s first and biggest open mobile payment platform that connects consumers, businesses, and mobile operators for Operators Billing. It allows any business to connect to the platform for direct carrier billing to reach higher online payment conversion rates.

  • What is direct carrier billing

    Making purchases that are charged to the customer's phone account. Also called "direct operator billing" and "mobile content billing," for decades, this has been the telephone company's method for charging additional services, such as long distance and pay‐per‐minute 0900 numbers. With the advent of smartphones, direct carrier billing lets users make a purchase via their phone from compliant merchants without entering credit card data. Such transactions are typically quick (the carrier has the user's data) and relatively simple compared to other methods.

    Why direct carrier billing

    • There are 7.14 Billion people in the world.
    • 6.8 Billion have mobile phone accounts.
    • Only 3.5 Billion have bank accounts.
    • Out of those 3.5 Billion who have bank accounts only 2.15 billion have credit cards.
    • Which means that there are 4.99 Billion people who are in need of an easy, fast and secure payment method.

    What the numbers say!

    • Direct Carrier billing conversion rates are 5X HIGHER than credit cards. (Offering DCB can generate more revenue for app stores, app publishers and, of course, mobile network operators.)

    • 56 Billion is the number of total app downloaded in 2012, 160 Billion is the projected number of total app downloads by 2017.

    • $11 Billion is the market estimates for carrier billing share of app stores transactions by 2016, $13 Billion is the estimate by 2017.

    • 5 out of 6 users prefer direct carrier billing over credit cards, 14 out of 20 prefer direct billing over all other payment methods!

    • Emerging markets like MENA present the maximum potential for DCB, In Indonesia, another emerging market, over 83% of Windows phone store purchases are processed over DCB.

    • 300% is the year‐on‐year growth rate of DCB on Google Play.

  • Where We Are

    Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Palestine, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Italy in addition to the head office in Egypt.



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  • Contact Us

    Cairo Office:

    160, 26th of July St., Agouza, Giza, Egypt

    Telephone: +2 (20) 33458301/2

    +2 (20) 33450672/3

    Fax: +2 (20) 33043201

    Email: info@tpay.me


    Dubai Office:

    Dubai Internet City, Building 12, Executive Desk No. 16, Dubai, UAE

    Telephone: +971 436 16 339

    E-mail: info@tpay.me


    Support Team:

    Telephone: (002)-0227681892

    E-mail: support@t-pay.me